Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Renting in Sydney

So we sold our house in Western Sydney and moved to the Sutherland Shire to be in an area where the schools are bette and we are closer to the water. BIG mistake. The Shire is full of people who were born without morals. I mean completely without morals. Not just shifty, I MEAN COMPLETELY WITHOUT MORALS.

First we moved to Grays Point. We rented a house from Raine & Horne Miranda. The owners were traveling the world and even though the property was a bit expensive ($600 / week) we were in an area with a good school and it looked peaceful so we went for it.

After 4 months, the owners declared that they were moving back home and we had to find another house to rent. We had plans to go to Sweden for a sabbatical at this stage so we asked if we could stay a couple more months before we were going. The owners suggested that they would move in with us, we would pay full rent and they would use our stuff. Naturally, we were a bit hesitant and while we were discussing this, I got a phone call from the real estate agent siply stating " the owners are moving in with you tomorrow, is this OK?" I was a bit bewildered at this and told the real estate agent that we had made no such agreement. The agent was fairly abusive asking me what the owners were supposed to do now that they had already rented a truck. The next day we had the owners coming to our house to "have a chat with us".To cut a long story short, the real estate agent tried to rip us of by stealing our bond money but when we filed a counter claim with the tenancy board, there was a very quick shift in atitute and we got our bond back. We then moved to Gymea Bay and rented a house from Ray White Gymea. It became evident quite quickly that the house was in a very bad condition and needed some urgent repairs. The bottom floor had a rising dampness problem which caused mould to grow everywhere, on all our clothes, furniture, books, you name it. My wife even got respiratory problems and has started using asthma medicine as a consequence. The real estate agent never did anything about the problem as it unfolded. It was not until after we had called mould experts ourselves they reacted and offered to 'clean the carpet'. At this stage, we had all out belongings off shelves and out of drawers on the floor to stop the mould destroying everything.

The landlord came past and cut three holes 20x 10 cm in the walls in the bedroom plus installed a fan to circulate air and get rid of some of the moisture. If you have lived in Sydney during winter, you know that you don't want three such holes in the bedroom wall since the indoor temperature quickly falls to 5-8 degrees. We had no option but to request to move again, 3 months after we moved in. At this stage, Ray White Gymea started to become really abusive. The correspondence we have had with them is unbelievable. They have had my wife in tears, done everything they can to make our lives Hell even though we have started to get ill from living in the premises and we have two young children who may be affected for life. Very interesting people those Ray White people. Now, we have the outgoing inspection tomorrow and we notified the Ray White Ofifce so we could do the inspection together. We were tole that they were going to do the inspection alone and we were not allowed to be there, go figure.

I was told by the residential tenancy board to notify the agent that we would do an inspection so they can be present if they choose to. We should have witnesses and take many photos. When I wrote an email to RayWhite Gymea about this, the owner, Bill Anastasiadis wrote me an email saying that the tenancy board was ill informed and going on about him being the principal of Ray White Gymea.

I can't wait for the final inspection. Obviously these people are following their own moral standards, not what the tenancy board thinks is the norm for Australian renting agreements.

The question is, is this a Sutherland Shire decease or is this just Raine & Horne Miranda and Ray White Gymea business operations and moral standards?

One thing is for sure, renting properties in Sydney in this climate sucks. It is not enough paying rent on time and looking after the property. You also have to be prepared to take abuse from real estate agents and bow down to the people who own property, after all, they must be better than you since they own a house to let and you don't have that much money.

Loose thoughts by Bjorn Landfeldt


The principal left the following comment on this post


It is amazing how you have posted only parts of the true facts.

When we where alerted to the mould issue it was my office that paid for a steam cleaner and mould expert to attend the property not you.

It was my office that also had someone attend to rectify the problem.

You also fail to mention that my office also negotiated and had the Landlord release you from the Lease and also had the Landlord pay for your removalist costs and compensate you.

I advise that you have the true facts mentioned on this blog of yours otherwise it will be construed as defamation."

Anyone who may have thought I was exaggerating.......

It is true that Ray White wanted to steam clean the carpet, but it was not until we ourselves had an expert inspecting the property they got some cleaners in to clean the mould off the walls and outside the furniture. All clothes, books, inside book cases etc. were left covered in mould and also left for us to clean.

It is true that the landlords agreed to end the lease and pay for our move, after all we were starting to develop serious respiratory problems and with a pregnant woman.......

We are out of the house and there were no surprises towards the end apart from the removalists not moving everything so we had to do much of it ourselves, but still...


Pat Morin said...

Wow, what a horror story. I'm sad to hear that, especially since your last rental turned out so well.

Good luck with the next place.

Kay B said...

What a terrible experience for you and your family-I hope you can put it all behind you and that from now on you will deal with and meet good people, The agents and landlords sound like the most disgusting characters, don't let them win by carrying the hurt and anger. I wish you and your family a better time in Australia from now on.

Bjorn Landfeldt said...

Thanks Guys.

I think I could write a book about all the rubbish we have been put through. The rental market is getting so tight that real estate agents and property owners take any opportunity to screw people. Australia's consumer protection is unfortunately far too weak and they know they can get away with it.

Perhaps I should start contacting media about it, -4 corners?

Daryl said...

Hi Bjorn

That is terrible I have just googled Bills full name and found this, I think I am living in that house and he is doing the same thing to me and my room mate.

Can you please contact us either by email or phone 0433 755 636 and

Any information would help alot and be greatly appreciated as we are trying to claim rent paid.

the address in address in 189 north west arm rd.

He advertised
Air con, dishwasher lights, locks on the back door and windows didnt work when we moved in and when we requested repairs he refuses to repair them.

the main room leaks through the floor and mould throughout the carpet and ensuite. After 5 days of down poor the room was completely flooded and into the hallway as well and still have not fixed the carpet 4 months later.

the owner is now selling the property and claiming we have caused some of the damage. Even though we have emails dating back to the first 2 weeks of the lease and on the ingoing report.

Today we have been robbed and my insurance does not cover it as the lock on the back door does not work.

Bjorn please help us make sure bill is held accountable, we meet with CTTT rent tribunal on the 10th of august, if you response before then it could really help our case.

Daryl and Nathan

Anonymous said...


It is amazing how you have posted only parts of the true facts.

When we where alerted to the mould issue it was my office that paid for a steam cleaner and mould expert to attend the property not you.

It was my office that also had someone attend to rectify the problem.

You also fail to mention that my office also negotiated and had the Landlord release you from the Lease and also had the Landlord pay for your removalist costs and compensate you.

I advise that you have the true facts mentioned on this blog of yours otherwise it will be construed as defamation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous or Bill from Raywhite Gymea, its probably smarter not to mention your office if you are going to post as "anonymous"

I am willing back Bjorn up as you are doing the same to us right now, its wrong and against the law and as you know I am taking legal action already.

Steam cleaning carpet is NOT a remedy for mould in carpet, replacement is the only remedy available.

You have not helped in any way with arranging rent reduction, moving, mould specialist or compensation from the owner in fact your office is the cause of major part of our home.

you are nothing but a con man, and a criminal Bill, I look forward to seeing you at the rent tribunal tomorrow you fat idiot.

Anonymous said...

Well , well well.

You tried at the Tribunal to lie and distort facts but lost. You are real idiots both you and your flat mate.

I have been told by the Landlord of the property that you rented and stunk out with your dogs and left filthy if you remember that you Darryl McIntyre and Nathan Pual Crookston where tassered by Police and also arrested.

You where making threats to Rape, stalk and kill a female Police officer, you low life scum bag?

Attached is the article from the Newspaper outlining what fantastic upstanding members of Community you really are.

Bailed after assaulting police officer •From: The Daily Telegraph
•January 24, 2011 2:22PM

A 28-year-old man allegedly spat at police and threatened to stalk, rape and kill a second officer in Sydney's south last night.
Nathan Paul Crookston was arrested after a violent dispute with an officer less than 30 metres from his Mortdale home.

His flatmate Daryl McIntyre, also 28, was also arrested, after being tasered in the confrontation with police.

Crookston was given conditional bail in Bankstown Local Court today, which was not opposed by police.

Crookston's legal aid lawyer said the customer service representative gave a "very, very different version of what happened."

The police fact sheet alleges that Acting Sergeant Brendan Bullock saw Crookston stumbling along The Strand about 10.10pm.

He pulled the car over and spoke with Crookston and McIntyre joined them at the roadside.

Police say the officer was about to drive away, when the two men walked in front of the car. Sgt Bullock told them to move and was allegedly spat on by Crookston.

He stopped the vehicle, told Crookston he was under arrest, and began to search him.

It's alleged McIntyre said "Don't touch his arse" and punched the officer, causing him to fall over.

McIntyre then allegedly ran along Broughton Street, and Sgt Bullock gave chase. He caught up to him in a driveway and attempted to deploy his taser, but it did not fire.

McIntyre turned away and the officer again tried his taser, firing into his back, and he fell to the ground, police said.

Police said Crookston had also given chase and was yelling "police brutality". He was handcuffed when police back-up arrived.

McIntyre allegedly resisted arrest, but was eventually cuffed by officers. Paramedics removed the taser probes from his back.

At the station, it's alleged Crookston told the custody manager: "Wait till I get out, I'm gonna rape you."

He later said: "I'm gonna f***ing stalk you, I'm gonna wait till you get off work, f***ing follow you home and f***ing kill you."

He then urinated in the police holding cells, police said.

Crookston and McIntyre were both charged with a series of offences.

McIntyre will face the same court later today.

The assault has prompted calls for greater restrictions to curb booze-fuelled violence.

Scott Webber, president of the Police Association of NSW, called for all sides of government to get on board with the union's Last Drinks campaign, which includes restrictions to the sale of heavy liquor and 1am lockouts.

"We've seen major jobs occur over the weekend where police officers are being assaulted by intoxicated idiots," said Mr Webber.

"Most of our jobs are after dark, 80 per cent are alcohol-related - alcohol-related crime is out of control."

Mr Webber said there had also been a loss of respect for police.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bill from Ray White Gymea.....

Such a respected member of the community BA HA HA HA more like a germ that requires constant attention as to not spread further into society....

I suggest that you watch the news 23/012012 so that u can see that all charges where thrown out in that matter due to "NO EVIDENCE"

Good luck with your efforts to continually slander and make others lives hard...

Every dog has his day and yours is not too far away......

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